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SARAFun @ ACC 2017

Our colleagues from Lund University will present their recent research results at  (ACC) 2017.

Linear Parameter Varying Spectral Decomposition, Fredrik Bagge Carlson, Anders Robertsson, Rolf Johansson.

SARAFun @ IFAC 2017 World Congress

Recent results from SARAFun will be presented at World Congress of the International Federation of Automatic Control (IFAC World Congress) 2017. Congrats to the authors!

On Prescribed Contact Establishment, George S. Kanakis, George A. Rovithakis, Zoe Doulgeri.

Two-Degree-of-Freedom Control for Trajectory Tracking and Perturbation Recovery during Execution of Dynamical Movement Primitives, Martin Karlsson, Fredrik Bagge Carlson, Anders Robertsson, Rolf Johansson.

SARAFun @ ICRA 2017

There will be two papers from our colleagues presented  at IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA) 2017:

Autonomous Interpretation of Demonstrations for Modification of Dynamical Movement Primitives, Martin Karlsson, Anders Robertsson, Rolf Johansson.

Grasp Quality Evaluation Done Right: How Assumed Contact Force Bounds Affect Wrench-Based Quality Metrics, Robert Krug, Yasemin Bekiroglu, Maximo A. Roa.

SARAFun introduced at Thessaloniki’s International Fair 2016

The Thessaloniki International Fair is one of the largest fairs of Greece. It is divided into several thematic structures and open for trade visitors as well as consumers. Many cultural and entertainment events conducted during the fair transform it into a great festival.

Dates: 10-18 September, 2016

Link to fair webpage

CERTH made a demonstration at the fair using the ABB YuMi robot based on SARAFun results.