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SARAFun introduced at Thessaloniki’s International Fair 2016

The Thessaloniki International Fair is one of the largest fairs of Greece. It is divided into several thematic structures and open for trade visitors as well as consumers. Many cultural and entertainment events conducted during the fair transform it into a great festival.

Dates: 10-18 September, 2016

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CERTH made a demonstration at the fair using the ABB YuMi robot based on SARAFun results.

SARAFun presented at workshop on A.I. in Sweden

The SARAFun project was introduced at a workshop called “The prospects of Artificial Intelligence” in Västerås, Sweden, 8 February, 2016. Mikael Hedelind (Coordinator, ABB Corporate Research) held a presentation on the prospects of Artificial Intelligence in industrial robotics and used SARAFun as an example of ongoing activities where AI techniques can be an enabler. The workshop was organized by Västerås Science Park together with the Swedish Technion Society.

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Prospects of AI


Vasteras Science Park
Vasteras Science Park

IEEE RAS Workshop in Lund

On December 1, 2015, the workshop of the Sweden chapter of IEEE Robotics and Automation Society was held in Lund. With 24 participants, it was organized by the Lund University (LU)
Robotics Lab, and its members Rolf Johansson, Anders Robertsson och Elin A. Topp, who also chaired the workshop where SARAFun was introduced.

euRobotics Week 2015 @ Lund University

23-27 November 2015, 700 visitors participating in guided tours and demos in Robotics Lab, Lund University where SARAFun material was shown. As also shown during the European Robotics Week 2015, a demonstration session on on-going research in LU Robotics Lab was given. Finally, a poster mingle session with open discussion and short presentations from the workshop participants
was held.

Link to event news post(in Swedish)

Press release from Bielefeld University

With the SARAFun project, users learn to intuitively operate assembly robot

Until now, programming assembly robots was something reserved for experts. This is beginning to change with the project SARAFun, the Cluster of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC) is contributing to. Researchers want to enable assembly workers to be able to re-programme a robot within a single day – without having expert knowledge. SARAFun stands for “Smart Assembly Robots with Advanced Functionalities.” The project will run through February 2018 and is funded by the EU programme Horizon 2020 with approximately 4 million Euro.

Full press reslease: Link

Bielefeld logo
Bielefeld logo

SARAFun was introduced during Vinnova information meeting in Sweden

2015-06-02 – VINNOVA: “Möjligheter för företag inom Horisont 2020”

The SARAFun project was introduced by Mikael Hedelind (Coordinator at ABB Corporate Research, Sweden) at an event arranged by Vinnova in Stockholm, Sweden. Vinnova is a Swedish government agency working under the Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications and acts as the national contact agency for the EU Framework Programme for R&D. The event focused on companies’ possibilities and opportunities when applying for funding as part of the Horizon 2020 programme. SARAFun was presented as a good example and Mikael shared some of his experiences from the application process.

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Link to the event: Event information (in Swedish)

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